About the Paradigm Pressroom

Paradigm Pressroom’s 5 Bullets is a daily e-letter covering the economy and the markets, reaching 120,000 paying subscribers of the renowned financial publishing firm Paradigm Press.

It draws on the input from a team of globally connected, outside-the-box financial thinkers — private investors, world travelers, accomplished analysts, former floor traders, leading scientists and inventors, hedge fund quants, policy wonks, best-selling financial authors, film makers, commodities experts. Each is uniquely qualified to alert you to the news and trends you can use to develop a winning investment strategy. Timely, down to earth, to the point.

Our daily recipe goes something like this: Take the Paradigm Press team’s best ideas… mix in some not-so-common takes on the day’s financial headlines… throw in a dash of “quirk” from the business world… and add a generous helping of reader feedback. Leaven the whole thing with the mockery Wall Street and Washington so richly deserve.

We bake and serve our 5 Bullets every business day.

History of Paradigm Pressroom’s 5 Bullets

Paradigm Pressroom’s 5 Bullets traces its origins to 2007 and its launch as The 5 Min. Forecast. Dave Gonigam joined as managing editor in 2010, bringing an old-school journalist’s curiosity along with 20 years of experience as an Emmy award-winning TV news producer. In 2017, Emily Clancy came aboard as associate editor. In 2022, the e-letter came under the Paradigm Press umbrella.

Throughout, our aim each day has been a simple one: That you learn at least one interesting thing you didn’t know before… and you decide to come back the next day.