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The Shoplifter’s Investing Secret

Today is as good a day as any to explore a different kind of asset class to preserve your money’s ever-dwindling purchasing power.

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Gold and Bitcoin (Continued…)

In addition to the arrival of the Bitcoin ETFs in January, there’s another reason the upcoming Bitcoin halving is different from all the others — and it has to do with gold.

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What’s Good for Gold Is Good for Bitcoin

“It’s easy to mock gold bugs, but their moment may finally have come,” writes the Financial Times. Which brings us to another hot take from the mainstream…

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“I expect that we’ll see a lot of coverage of the halving by traditional media over the next week,” says Paradigm’s crypto evangelist James Altucher.

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Civil War

Regardless of the new feature-length film, this isn’t the first time our managing editor Dave Gonigam has pondered a new American civil war.

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“Big Boy” Bitcoin

No wonder that the impending Bitcoin “halving” — on or around the 20th of this month — will be unlike the three previous ones.

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Crypto’s Next Catalyst

Every bull market goes through three distinct stages. Doesn’t matter the asset class — stocks, bonds, commodities… even crypto.

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Bitcoin’s Halving in One (Condensed) Lesson

“Bitcoin has gained more than 350% off its bear market lows,” Greg Guenthner says. “Crypto speculators are now looking toward this month’s main event: the halving.”

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13 Banks on the Brink

“We are entering stage two of the banking meltdown,” Jim Rickards warns.

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Everyday folks are now putting money in the markets for reasons that have nothing to do with “investing” or “trading.”

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Mainstream Muddies the Waters (Inflation)

The Wall Street Journal called you an ignoramus on its front page today…