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As the Russia-Ukraine war enters a third year tomorrow, a once “remote” probability is now a stone-cold reality.

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Ending 401(k) Tax Breaks

A new proposal suggests eliminating tax advantages for 401(k) plans and other employer-sponsored retirement accounts. To save Social Security.

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The Next Trillion-Dollar Crypto

“Don’t get me wrong: Bitcoin is still a big deal,” says Chris Campbell. “But the next trillion-dollar coin is Ethereum.”

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Love Letter to San Francisco

“America’s major cities have had too much office space for decades,” says Zach Scheidt. “Meanwhile, these same cities have a severe housing shortage.”

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DEI Is Not a Four-Letter Word

American tribalism is a top-of-mind issue this election year… but its genesis started some 60 years ago.

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Haters Gonna Hate (Apple’s Latest)

The hate with which the Apple Vision Pro has been welcomed is a wonder to behold. But that’s just the first week’s reaction.

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Gun Owners’ Accounts Frozen

We now know exactly what the feds consider “suspicious behavior” and “extremism” in the realm of guns and ammo purchases.

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The World Still Needs Oil

“Three vectors favor significant gains in the prices of oil and gas in the months ahead,” Jim Rickards says.

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Biden Bans Books

By now, the Biden administration’s attempts to censor social media are old hat. But book bans seem like a whole other level of authoritarianism…

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Morning in America (If Only!)

Per current events in the Middle East, the best-case scenario is Joe Biden does what Ronald Reagan did while seeking a second term 40 years ago.

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Last Line of Defense

Another week, another close call for the guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely. It does not bode well for the prospect of global shipping returning to “normal.”