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39 Days

Should the Democrats’ disarray result in a second Trump term, there will be major investment implications.

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Where Are the Handcuffs? (Boeing)

Upon waking, your editor was greeted by a notification — and damn near threw the iPad across the room…

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Confession Time!

There’s nothing here that was scripted. The questions were not given to me in advance. As a result, I surprised even myself with some of the answers!

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Tesla’s Tipping Point

“I can sense skepticism every time I make a bullish Tesla argument,” says Paradigm’s trading pro Greg “Gunner” Guenthner.

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The Monster That Ate the Power Grid (AI)

This whole “AI is going to wreck the power grid” thing is getting real.

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“2024 Is… Beyond Recovery”

Amid all the hand-wringing about whether Joe Biden will stick it out through Election Day… isn’t there something more important?

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The $2,500 Gold Forecast

“Gold is setting up for the ultimate trade for the second half of 2024 — and beyond,” says Alan Knuckman.

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Supreme Cowards

Strictly speaking, the Supreme Court punted on making any decision at all in the case of Murthy vs. Missouri. But the effect is still the same.

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The Next Nvidia

Nvidia generates at least as much buzz, if not more, than any company across the last 40 years.

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Three Little Charts and the Trade of the Decade

Three little charts strongly suggest we’re now in the early innings of a commodities “supercycle.”

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ETH Shock 2024

“When coupled with demand from newly launched ETFs, Ethereum appears poised for a self-perpetuating supply shock cycle,” Chris Campbell says.